Suzanne Keeptwo, Métis from Québec, is a multi-faceted creative artist of Algonkin (Kitchesipirini)/French & Irish descent. She is a professional educator, writer, editor, and journalist, and passionate advocate for indigenous rights and cultural sensitivity. Her area of expertise is in bridging gaps of understanding between indigenous and non - indigenous Canadians - a role that brings her across the nation as Cultural Advisor, Indigenous Content Consultant, Spokesperson and Facilitator. In 2012, Suzanne developed a unique arts and culture-based experiential learning model, The Exchange Experience: Validating 500 Years of First Nations History, which uses movement, poetry, music and dramatic technique to inspire heartfelt learning. She also provides a more conventional Cultural Sensitivity Information Session, Indigenous Realities: Exploring Identities, Cultural Differences, Stereotypes and Internal Struggles.

Suzanne adheres to traditional Anishinaabeg Teachings and promotes the indigenization of contemporary-world constructs. In 2015, she wrote All My Relations, her first full length stage play about seven generations of Algonquin women and, co-wrote a book about the importance of reading for indigenous youth, to be published by Indigenous Education Press. Suzanne currently works at the Canada Council for the Arts as a Program Officer in Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts & Cultures of First Nation, Inuit and Metis Peoples. 

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