I proide the following services:

WRITING - Teacher Resources & Manuals; Theatre Study Guides; Journalist Articles & Commentaries; Reports; Opening Adresses; Professional Letters; Critiques; Poetry; Fiction; Creative Non-Fiction.



Experiential learning/interactive arts & culture based workshop:


  • The Exchange Experience: Validating 500 Years of First Nations History


Conventional Learning Presentations:

  • Indigenous Realities: Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness Training

  • Racism: What Does it Look or Sound like to You?

  • Indigenous Identities: Who is Who?

  • The Impact of Stereotypes, both Positive & Negative

  • Current Events & Historical Implications

  • Including Indigenous Perspectives into Curriculum

  • Indigenous Pedagogies


Suzanne also facilitates theatre skill-building workshops; Talking Circles; and Teacher Training. 


EDITING - Developmental; Substantive/Structural; Stylistic; Rewriting; Author Coaching; and Copy editing, for Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Professional Resumes, Report Writing, and Letters. 

*Suzanne's niche is working within an indigenous context to identify, bridge, and/or clarify cultural differences between Aboriginal and mainstream cultures. If an Aboriginal author is presenting indigenous concepts for inclusive readership, Suzanne ensures the content is culturally comprehensive to that audience without the risk of misinterpreting the indigenous worldview. If a non-Aboriginal author is incorporating indigenous characters or content, she ensures a culturally accurate approach in order to avoid generalizations and stereotypical portrayals. 


CONSULTING - publishing; Indigenous worldview; contacts & networking; cultural modification of mainstream programs; cultural sensitivity.


PUBLIC SPEAKING - opening & closing prayers; master of ceremonies; interviewer; poetry performance & readings; panelist; presentations on spiritual concepts, traditional philosophies, and cultural differences.


EVENT PLANNING - conceptualization; organization; management; communication and networking.