I found your feedback enlightening and fascinating -- I'm sure our development team will feel the same. 
Kristiana Kang 
Literacy Language Arts and Math
Pearson Canada

I am someone who has a VERY hard time surrendering to others' workshops, in part because as a facilitator myself, I find myself staying in an objective, detached role. Suzanne's workshop broke my "critical onlooker" habit by her amazing ability to bring material to life, make very difficult subjects meaningful and accessible to a group of strangers and by getting my creativity, my heart and my body moving. At the same time, she is one of the most powerful "holders of space" I have ever had the pleasure to meet - she was clear with guidelines, supportive and directive in equal doses, and carved out room for people to explore and be creative without it feeling "just for the sake of being creative" or loosey goosey.There was an intentionality to what she did that still takes my breath away. As someone so used to workshops where we "make meaning" immediately, to "debriefing" and to "getting creative to then get verbal" it was unbelievably refreshing to attend a workshop where the debriefing was there, but with a space to experience without explanation - there were things said and things left unsaid, room to digest and opportunities to let things take their own time to emerge. I cannot stress enough how gifted and unique Suzanne's pedagogical skills are, and how much your group or team can benefit from her presence and expertise. What a powerful day, and what a powerful woman. Miigwech!
Kit Malo, MA
Estuaries Learning Consulting Group
Montréal, QC
Meegwetch for sharing your wonderful workshop with the Weesageechak Festival! We are grateful for your work and voice!!
Jessica Lea Fleming
Artistic Associate
Native Earth Performing Arts
Ms. Keeptwo was contracted to provide a group of security guard trainees with soft skills which included interviewing skills, public speaking, and situational responses. It was evident that she took the time to understand her audience and conduct research in terms of the relativity to the training program. Ms. Keeptwo’s knowledge and sensitivity to our culture was a delight to observe; she incorporated our cultural teachings in clever ways to engage the group and keep them energized. Participants reacted very positively to her open style and participated fully when called upon to do so. I would highly recommend Ms. Keeptwo as a speaker or facilitator and resource in any circumstance.


      Trevor Martin

      Youth Services Officer

      Niagara Peninsula Aboriginal Area Management Board 

      Six Nations of the Grand River (ON)

We really appreciate not only your hard work and excellent writing and research skills, but also your willingness to abide by our hectic timelines. We look forward to continuing our relationship, into the future.
Martha Malic
Coordinating Editor, Humanities
Pearson (Publishing) Canada


Suzanne is a natural leader and an inspired teacher. She is able to conduct a large group precisely, managing a wide variety of needs with discipline and authority. She also is a lot of fun, sensitive to each individual and really good at encouraging a spirit of play. Suzanne gives clear direction and is exceptional in being able to critique progress with both compassion and rigor. She was also able to give of herself to each participant, as needs and challenges arose – and in this, proved to be a real mentor to all.
Peter Hinton 
(former) Artistic Director, English Theatre
National Arts Centre 
Suzanne Keeptwo’s Cultural Sensitivity Session is presented with Truth for the purpose of educating, not to blame
or shame and, because of this, students hear her message. Suzanne speaks with clarity, knowledge, humour, sadness, and honesty, making students comfortable to ask questions and express opinions.  She has inspired many adult students to self-identify and feel pride in their Aboriginal ancestry.  Grateful for her visits each year, I know her wisdom and factual knowledge truly benefit us all. A heartfelt migwech!
Arleen Prost
Adult Education Teacher
Western Québec School Board
King Lear was an enormous and challenging undertaking and it was successful in large part because of Suzanne’s work as cultural consultant, instructor, and community liaison. Suzanne’s role as adviser and educator mentored all of us politically, socially, culturally, and spiritually throughout the production process. 
Dr David Dean,
Full Professor and Co-Director, Carleton Centre for Public History,
Department of History, Carleton University
National Arts Centre, English Theatre Company Historian
Suzanne is an editor who focuses on authentic portryals of Aboriginal people. Her feedback helped me capture the voice, culture, and world view of Mahingan's family.
Caroline Pignat
Two-time Governor Generalʼs Award winning author, poet, and teacher


You are a very clear and engaging communicator. I really enjoyed listening and watching you with the (Four Nations Exchange) group.
Alexandra (Andy) Lunney
Producer, English Theatre
National Arts Centre
Both the science editor and the developmental editor thought the comments and queries you made were strong ones, and I am eager to see what the authors’ responses are. Overall, I would have to say that you made excellent author queries.
Lee Ensor
Managing Editor, Science
Pearson (Publishing) Canada


Well done - it was a pleasure to review these two chapters - spot on as they say!
Sheila Staats 
Native Information Specialist
GoodMinds, Aboriginal Books Distributor
Many thanks for the fantastic work.  It’s clear you have put a great deal of thought and research into this production [Study] guide.  It’s quite brilliant. I had a chat with Peter (Hinton) about it and he absolutely loves it.  He told me he was very, very pleased and can’t wait to read the completed draft.
Judi Pearl
Artistic Projects Coordinator, English Theatre
National Arts Centre


I appreciate your encouragement, enthusiasm, insight and kind words. You are a very powerful woman. I want to grow up to be just like you.
Elaine Endanawas, Anishinaabekwe Elder
Four Nations Exchange actor
Thank you so much for being a part of Family Day! It was SO great to have you there. I saw you in the Coast Guard costume fishing out boats and at various other places in the building and your positivity was contagious! I really love working with you – it is a joy.


Karen Gilodo
Associate Artistic Director, Education
Young Peoples Theatre
(Education and Outreach Coordinator NAC 2012)


Thank you so much for being so on top of everything.  I really can’t imagine how we could undertake a project like this (Family Day) without you.
Judi Pearl
Artistic Projects Coordinator, English Theatre
National Arts Centre
Suzanne, we carry you onto the stage in our hearts every night. We miss you, but we channel that into our performance...whatever our contribution is, you're a part of it.
Jonathan Plante
Four Nations Exchange actor, King Lear
National Arts Centre